Your Summer Ayurveda Regimen!

🌞Live, laugh, and stay cool in summer- Your summer Ayurveda regimen!

What happens with dosha during the summer? The sun rays become powerful in the southern hemisphere. Kapha slowly decreases, and in turn, pitta and vata start aggravating. Hence necessary measures have been described in Ayurveda 


-Use of salt, spicy, oily, and sour foods in your diet, heavy physical exercises, and sunlight exposure.

-Intake of more cold water not only weakens the body but also lowers the digestive Agni(fire), which causes digestion-related disorders.

-Wine is strictly avoided during this period as it can increase vata dosha

-Fermented food must be avoided like intake cheese, yogurt, etc 

-Avoid red meat and fatty meat. 

Pungent and sour food is a big no-no! -However, ginger and cardamom are considered sattvic in nature and can be eaten in moderation. 

-Sunbath, in the middle of a scorching sunny day, is contraindicated in Ayurveda. 

-Frequent sex is not an ideal practice during summers. 

-Fasting is condemned in Ayurveda during summers. Do not skip breakfast.

-Tea and Coffee- As they are Diuretic, it can cause increased urination leading to the loss of water and dryness of the skin.