Post-Covid Rejuvenation with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine, in its classical text, mentions diseases causing epidemics under the broad term' Janapadodhwamsa'. Most of the concepts of Ayurveda about here are found relevant to current theories of pandemic/epidemic.

So, now modern-day doctors and research institutes have put together a protocol and herbal formulation using the ancient technique to understand and recover from the deadly pandemic.

The bygone year 2021 arrived with renewed dreams and aspirations. However, during the past two years, one of nature's tiniest creatures, a virus, has devastated the global economy, strained hospitals to breaking point, encroached on our freedom of movement, and encircled individuals with drone fences!!

The country had sunk into a funk. We stayed home for several months, living a life of "minimum socializing and maximum isolation."

And now it is past time to confront the fact that we have been living a lifestyle that has been detrimental to our health, as a result of which we have become sicker, weaker, and immunologically compromised both physically and psychologically!

This is, without a doubt, the appropriate moment to reflect and begin incorporating Ayurveda into our daily routine!!

Isn't it better to be more immune when there's nothing we can do about the devilish horrible virus?

Ayurveda comes to the rescue here and even later at the post covid phase!.

If you've noticed difficulty breathing or a remarkable change in your inflammatory Biomarkers after covid, it's time to take a deeper look into the problem!!

As per Ayurveda, the extended phase of covid results from lower Ojas/immunity & imbalanced bio-energies lodged in the tissue & waste systems, causing Dhatu/tissues depletion, disturbed Agni-digestive fire.

Vata Dosha's involvement shows neurocognitive difficulties, breathing complications, joint pain, brain fog, anxiety.

If you have recovered from covid 19 but still suffer from its symptoms, then you could be having the post complications of this viral infection. The pandemic is the new villain in everybody’s life. The Covid 19 virus has twisted our body for its own benefit after a vicious session of cough, sneeze, anorexia, and massive sacks of weariness. As a result, our immunity, appetite, and all bodily functions are weakened even more. Such people with long-standing troubles from a viral manifestation are called Long haulers of a disease.

Generally, those individuals with compromised immunity, citizens of the older community, and people with other medical conditions show lingering symptoms of covid 19. Covid 19 symptoms may persist for months even for the healthy for, the virus can damage the major organs of the lungs, heart, and brain which increases the risk of long term health problems.

Common post covid symptoms

Regardless of age or health, people may feel unwell for weeks or months after the infection. They are:

  • Fatigue

  • Cough and fever

  • Shortness of breath

  • Increased joint pain

  • Concentration and memory issues

  • Muscle pain

  • Loss of smell

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Dizziness while standing

Several recent studies have concluded that clinical manifestations following infection are caused by virus-induced organ damage. Although it mostly affects the lungs, it has also been discovered to impact other organs such as the heart and brain.

The management protocol according to Ayurveda:

  1. To develop a good immune response, Ayurveda recommended following the principle of the daily regime, night regime, and seasonal regime

  2. Diet plays a big role in the balance of gut flora. Proper function of digestive fire helps with digestion, metabolism, and elimination of food.

  3. Dosha balancing diet can be adopted to restore the function of Tridosha. Based on the doshic involvement, Vata Pitta Kapha's pacifying food can be chosen.

  4. Food must always include ginger, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, Amla (Indian gooseberry), mint, and citrus fruits like lemon in their diet to boost immunity.

  5. Ayurveda' deepana pachana' herbs like Ginger, black pepper, etc must be incorporated to improve digestive fire and clear out toxins from the gut.

  6. Herbal teas -tulsi, black pepper, Amalaki, ashwagandha, ginger tea

  7. Include Rasayana herbal formulation such as Chavanaprash, Agasthya Rasayana. amalaki rasayana, ashwagandha

  8. Practicing yoga, meditation breathing to ease breathing and balance hormones.

  9. Finally ayurvedic detox procedures of Panchakarma therapies to remove all accumulated endotoxins from the body and eliminate the possibilities of any post covid complications.