Managing Hypertension with Ayurveda

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Hypertension is the condition in which an individual has elevated blood pressure. This chronic condition is very common nowadays. The changing food culture & lifestyle are the main contributing factors. Have you checked your blood pressure recently? Has anyone in your family or friends have elevated blood pressure?

Are you hypertensive?

Let’s make it simpler. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of blood vessels. When the pressure is high there is a consistent strain on your heart to pump blood.

Ayurveda gives the best remedies to control your elevated blood pressure. Hypertension is caused by Vata vitiation. Occasionally there is the involvement of Kapha as well as pitta. In some cases, there is an obstruction in body channels which in turn causes a Vata imbalance.

Role of Doshas in hypertension

  • Excessive alcohol & salt intake- Pitta, Raktha vitiation

  • Anger, stress, anxiety- Vata imbalance

  • Excessive oily foods, sedentary lifestyle- Kapha imbalance.

These are the causative factors for primary hypertension which mean it does not occur as a result of any other disease. Diseases like Diabetes, Renal disease, Obesity, etc. are secondary causes.

By all these causes the blood or raktha gets accumulated with toxins. The vitiated doshas will negatively influence the quality of blood. The blood flow is influenced by Vata. And the quality of blood is affected by vitiated Kapha as well as pitta dosha. So there is high-pressure exertion on the walls of the blood vessels.

Ayurveda protocol

Management of primary hypertension- hypertension not due to any other underlying disease

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