Ayurveda Secrets for Healthy Hair

The health of the plants is directly proportional to the nutrition their soil contains. And scalp is the soil for the hair. Therefore the health of hair depends exclusively on the health of the scalp.

Ayurveda has a very holistic approach to hair health. That's why it has an organic and lasting impact on hair.

Ayurvedic hair health works from the inside out. Our digestive system is the door for all nutrition. So, the nutrition of the scalp and hair also depends on it. Therefore, for beautiful Rapunzel hair, let's look at some of the vital Ayurvedic dietary recommendations –

Food for Hair

Ayurveda says "Like builds like". Therefore, for excellent hair, you need a good supply of proteins.

Following foods are highly recommended by Ayurveda for great hair -

  • Dairy products

  • Fish

  • Chicken

  • Duck

  • Seafood like crabs, prawns, etc.

Meat is a natural source of proteins. However, try to stick to birds, small animals, and seafood.

Red meat (beef, pork, etc.) is hard to digest. It may destroy the digestive fire " agni" and produce ama or digestive toxins.

But don't think that beautiful hair is not for vegans or vegetarians. Strictly vegetarian Indian ladies are known for their shiny knee-length tresses.