Management Of Health Issues


Benefits of ayurveda for musculoskeletal disorders:

  1. Ayurveda recommends the improvement in bone  density  through wholesome  nutrition, herbs,  healthy  activities,  and  with  some good  therapies, without depending on drugs or hormones.

  2. Panchakarma helps calm sciatic nerve. 

  3. Improves muscle strength

  4. Helps in regaining energy 

  5. Helps movement of joints

  6. Reduces swelling and pain


Benefits of ayurveda in treating common respiratory diseases:

  1. Treats sinusitis

  2. Lowering allergens in the system

  3. Relieves cough

  4. Relieves wheezing

  5. Helps treat chronic sneezing

  6. Treats allergic asthma

  7. Strengthen the respiratory system

  8. Remove toxins via breathing techniques

  9. Decogestion of blocked nose

Benefits of Ayurveda treatment for skin:

  1. Management of psoriasis

  2. Reduces the symptoms of eczema

  3. Helps in severe dryness

  4. Reduces itching

  5. Increasing the digestive fire;

  6. Clearing toxins;

  7. Improving liver function;

  8. Reducing high pitta;

  9. Calming stressed vata;

  10. Liquefying and clearing kapha.

  11. Purification of the channels and the tissues.


Benefits of ayurveda treatment for obesity:


  1. Normalizes sleep in case of sleep apnea

  2. Helps in weight reduction

  3. Balances digestion and metabolism (Agni)

  4. Helps in proper growth of tissue

  5. Helps in losing excess fat

  6. Balances the hormones

  7. Reduce bad cholesterol levels     

  8. Lowers High blood pressure

  9. Inhibits Fatty acids synthesis 

Benefits of Ayurveda treatment for stress:

  1. Balances aggravated body element

  2. Relives headache

  3. Improves energy and stamina

  4. Relieves Aches, pains, and tense muscles

  5. Improves digestion and metabolism

  6. Regulates sleep

  7. Anger management

  8. Brings back loss of sexual desire and/or ability

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