Fanoula Vasilia

"Music is a boundless universal language; one of the most potent tools on the planet intimately intertwining the infinity between man & the divine."

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Every culture in the world has traditions through sound. Those with a natural talent for it are automatically considered to have a successful life, and Fanoula Vasilia Asser was blessed to be one such prodigy.  Noticing her gift from just a few years old with a natural inclination to the sound of music, along with deeply rooted spirituality and being raised by her Greek Grandmother, Fanoula always knew she was born to sing. At only eight years of age, she taught herself how to play Beethoven's famous Fur Elise simply by observing it was then she knew her talent would distinguish her from all the others. Through her childhood, teenage, and adulthood, music has always been a consistent part of her life.


At the age of 14, Fanoula's professional musical journey started when her music professor in Hellenic school noticed her talent and asked her to perform a solo Ancient Greek Erotokritos. In her high school years, she was the only Oboeist and became a charming saxophone player playing in the band with the Cleveland Orchestra's conductor. She spent her summer holidays in her hometown in Greece, where she performed in the streets and marched in the Filarmoniki in Ikaria. During the same time, she won the nationals at the Oratorical festival, and perhaps that was what drove Fanoula to compose a deep love for her family roots and music.


She was always a quick learner, completing her Dental Assisting diploma while finishing high school and began building rapport in the dental field. She earned a full-time position even before graduating. In 2009 she was accepted in the Case Western Reserve University studying as a skilled Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary. In 2012 she graduated from the Case Western Reserve University and was celebrated as the honored ceremony speaker representing her class, winning the heart of the crowd with her heartfelt speech. To this day, she maintains her passions in the field of 14 years with continuing education practice bridging whole body wellness.


Upon passing the finals for her Dental Board Licensing Exam, Fanoula was in an accident that would ultimately set her on the course for answers in healing that modern-day medicine could not provide. The powers of music and especially drumming, became a critical focus in her life. Utilizing frequencies to synchronize brain hemispheres is the fundamental basis of brainwave entrainment. Working through the trauma unfolded her untapped abilities to see and interpret the unique vibrations and pixelated dimensions of living beings' energy field with the naked eye. Quickly recovering and balancing the body, mind, and spirit with sound healing became her niche right before her eyes & 'The sound sage' was born. 


In 2012 she began a yoga teacher training journey with her beloved instructor Jan Hauenstein, with Try 4 Life Yoga, trained her in YTT200 & attuned her to every degree of Traditional Usui Reiki I II III, Animal Reiki, and in 2013 Kundalini Reiki. She was practicing closely with her canine companions, who are indeed sensitive to subtle energy work types. 


In 2014 she traveled to California to study scientific sounds at the Neuro Acoustic Research Center. Then in 2015, she traveled to ATL for training in the practice of Cymatherapy & Facial Rejuvenation. In 2016 she began her holistic coach certification. In 2017 she was attuned to Integrated the Energy Therapy & Integrated Energy Therapy for Animals and completed a feng shui interior design certification. In 2018 she completed another advanced Reiki course. 


In 2019 she facilitated monthly Energy Shares where practitioners of any modality were invited to share energy work and safe practice space for newly certified practitioners to learn and grow together. In 2020 she officially became her Yoga Nidra practitioner, producing her sound journeys with consciousness rotation & sensory integration. 


Integrating these modalities, studying religions and cultures independently, and with her open-minded approach to healing and understanding organic harmony, she can reach even those with less expanded perspectives.


"A belief is not required for sound healing to be successful; it just is -- this is a natural law." - Fanoula Vasilia Asser.

Join Fanoula on this eternal journey through her powerful live performances or experience her essence comfortably in a private session.