Upcoming & Past Events

  • Mon, Jan 04
    Ayur-Shilpi Ayurveda & Wellness
    Ayurveda Post Holiday Cleanse
    Sign up for an exclusive 3-week detox program with Ayur-Shilpi Ayurveda to cleanse the Ama (Toxins) and dosha imbalances that build up naturally in the Fall-Winter post-holidays. This program will include a 10-day of panchakarma therapy. Program starting in January 2021. Limited Booking
  • Fri, Oct 16
    Details will be shared before the event.
    Creative Wellness Circle Honoring Divine Feminine Energy
    9 Days of Awakening & Honoring The Divine Feminine on Navrathri - the Powerful Lunar Month With Shilpika & Sam
  • Sun, Sep 27
    Avon Lake Yoga
    Ayurveda Workshop - Fall Regimen
    **** This is a socially distanced workshop **** Limited Seats Seasonal transitions are the perfect time for physical, mental, and spiritual tune-up. In this workshop, we will learn how to do a gentle, food-based cleanse specifically designed for the transitional season of fall.
  • Sat, Aug 08
    Zoom Virtual Meeting
    Ayurveda Cooking Workshop With Shilpika
    Ayurvedic Cooking and Nutrition emphasizes ideal food combining, and explains why certain foods are incompatible. Applying this knowledge can immediately bring about changes in your health and well-being. This 3 hour Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking workshop will be in two parts.
  • Sun, Jan 19
    Vision Yoga and Wellness
    Ayurveda Pre-Detox/Body Cleanse Workshop
    2 hour Ayurveda pre-detox/body cleanse workshop, which explains the fundamentals of Ayurveda and the philosophy of the daily practices, herbal treatment, cleansing methods and diet control.
  • Wed, Oct 23
    River's Edge Cleveland
    Ayurveda Living - Workshop Oct 23rd
    Transition to Fall and Spring Workshops are the perfect introduction to Ayurveda and offer practices for changing diet and lifestyle along with the seasons, Learn the benefits and philosophy of seasonal cleansing.
  • Sun, Oct 13
    Vision Yoga & Wellness
    Ayurveda Workshop Seasonal Regimen @visionyoga
    In this workshop, you will identify your dosha (and learn what a dosha is!).   You'll discover ways to modify diet, lifestyle, asana, and pranayama to maintain balance during seasonal changes and periods of stress.  Tickets are available here: https://www.visionyoga.net/workshops.html
  • Thu, Oct 10
    Ayurveda Table @Townhall
    So excited to team up with Beauty Boost for The "Feel Good" Workshop on October 10th! Meet us at the Ayurveda table & sign up for Ayurveda therapies, cooking classes , workshops, Yoga & more.
  • Sun, Jul 28
    Harmonic Journeys
    Ayurveda Workshop with Shilpika Devaiah
    Learn about your body type, seasonal ayurveda regimen & much more. Short meditation included with tips on effective meditation techniques.
  • Sat, Jul 27
    Balanced Living Yoga Studio
    Discover your Ayurvedic Body-Mind Type
    Join us on this introduction to Ayurveda workshop session. Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing from India that incorporates oils, herbs, food and lifestyle choices to bring your life into balance. Learn new ways to use food and herbs to balance & heal yourself. Ayurveda systematizes food & herb
  • Sat, Jul 20
    West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church
    Ayurveda Intro @ Rocky River
    Stop by our booth at the Harmonic Journey's Holistic Fair at Rocky River and learn more about the services and products. Learn how Ayurveda can be applied to bring a balance between the nature & human body. Check out the ayurvedic products in our booth and attend the free talk about Ayurveda.